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Harmonise your being, find balance & alignment within through energy healing. Ignite your potential.


Elevate to a higher level, through activating and enhancing your energy healing achieving over all wellbeing


Facilitate transformative changes by infusing energy into various aspects of ones beings, leading to a more vibrant & fulfilling existence.


Take control of your healing journey & harness the power of energy embracing healing & growth

Our Story

Just like many others our journey took some unexpected twists and turns which resulted in us having to make difficult decisions. We decided to thrive, not just survive and in doing so I found myself surrounded by a remarkable community of individuals, all navigating life's ups and downs. Embracing life lessons, focus turned to healing and our healing rooms and crystal shop was born.

We have developed a space where healing, learning and spiritual growth converge both online and in person. Our calm space is for those seeking solace & empowerment. We embrace the journey of self discovery and support one another in embracing the full spectrum of human experience, where we see every curveball as an opportunity to transform.

Not content with only helping those in person we decided to replicate it online too.

4 ways we can help you

We offer treatments such as Reiki, Crystal healing, AromaTouch, Pyramid Healing, Angel & Card Readings.


Every week we have workshops, classes & spiritual events. We have a diary of events for each month offering a wide range of teachings & interactions. Our space is small so booking is essential.


Not only do we have a physical shop we also have an online shop where you can choose from a wide range of crystals, incense, candles, jewellery & gifts. There is something for everyone!


From a Place of Love is all about community whether that be in person or online. You can join us in person at Buddhas & Bikes for coffee mornings or pop in for a chat at anytime to soak up the atmosphere. We have our wonderful Facebook group for those wanting to be in a kind, caring community or you can sign up to be a part of our membership with amazing teachings, courses and inspiration to transform your life & write your future.



I have learnt to love myself and be my biggest cheerleader, I am loving my spiritual journey and am exactly where I am meant to be. I love spending time with my spiritual family.


I am mastering self love and that I am enough. You have helped me find my people. I wavered from my spiritual path in my teens and now I am back on my path again and it brings me so much comfort and peace.


I have set boundaries and learnt to communicate more. I have prioritised self care. Thank you for never being judgemental and allowing me to be myself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book an appointment?

How do I book an appointment?

Do you sell crystals?

Yes we do, alongside incense, candles, essential oils, jewellery & gifts. All are available online by visiting our shop or feel free to call in.

I want to be part of your community but live a long way from you, can I still join?

Of course, we have a free facebook group (link is at the bottom of the page) or you can join our Membership site where there is trainings, information & you can gain qualifications.

Can I cancel membership at any time?

Yes you can!

What events do you host?

We host events every week. Anything from shamanic art & coffee mornings to Mediumship nights & meditation. Check out our Diary of Events